Creating a chemical free environment is one of my goals in life. I only use the best quality products both in my body and my home. And I want to SHOUT to the world because of how much I am obsessed with these products. Please feel free to read on to learn more or contact me for more info!


Young Living Essential Oils

Essential oils are everywhere, but do you know what they can support? Do you know what exactly is in your essential oil? It’s important to know! I like using my essential oils to support stress, sleep, my well-being, and to make my environment smell lovely while keeping it chemical free. I chose to use Young Living Essential Oils because they are grown and distilled in their own farms. There are no synthetics or chemicals added to these essential oils. What you are smelling is pure oil. Before you go out and buy some oils at TJ Maxx, CVS, or Marshalls do some research! I am more than happy to expand your knowledge about essential oils. Email me at saraarsenaultfit@gmail.com or visit the link below to learn more about Young Living Essential Oils.


1st phorm supplements

Like I said above, I only use the highest quality products. 1st Phorm is where I go for my protein powder, pre-workout, greens, vitamins, etc (basically everything!). I have seen a great improvement in my workouts since adding them into my routine. Again, quality is important. You don’t want to put a low quality supplement into your body after giving your hardest effort at the gym. This is the foundation of your body, just like a house- a bad foundation makes for problems in the house. Visit the link below or email me at saraarsenaultfit@gmail.com to learn more about these amazing products.